ARC Symposium: The artist behind the city took place in 2014 and was a day of discussion and discovery for artists, city place makers and people in Coventry, UK.

The artist behind the city references those essential contemporary art practices that prioritise making a difference to people that live, work and visit a place. It also refers to artists that form the backbone of a city by informing cultural, artistic and city agendas, whilst alluding to the spaces and places occupied by artists in the city; often located in areas that would not be promoted as a city destination. The ARC Symposium was day-long event exploring the notion of the artist behind the city by:

  • Examining international contemporary art practices that have emerged to the forefront of a city with Jacques Nimki, Lee Simmonsand Peter Kennard
  • Introducing the artists and projects that have happened in Coventry during the ARC (Artspace Research Commission) programme Nikki Pugh, Redhawk Logistica, Anne Forgan, Miriam Craik Horan and Andrew T Cross.
  • An exploration of artist spaces and locations (past/present/future) for making and showing work in Coventry.
  • Discussion about how artists and art in Coventry and other cities can play a larger part in the ‘destination’ offer and help create a unique, independent profile.

It was an open event that took place in the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and via several walks and activities in different locations across Coventry including Artspace, the Lanchester Gallery, Meter Room and Coventry’s central public square, Broadgate. For more information and write ups see